About Clark Tolleson

Contact info:
Please email me at editor_clark@outlook.com if you’d like to work on a video project (live-action and/or Flash animation) or a graphic design project together.

My name is Clark Tolleson, also called “Editor Clark”, an alumnus of Butler Community College in the small town of Andover, KS (just outside of Wichita) where I graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Digital Media.

In 1996, I was born and adopted by my mom and my dad after my birth.  My dad passed away in November 2003, which left my mom to raise both my brother and I on her own; mom did a marvelous job at doing that!  My older brother, Tyler, has autism and he’s so passionate about the things he loves: fishing, basketball, golf, bowling, being a law enforcement advocate.  He may need a little extra help, but he’s no different than anybody else I know.  Speaking of being passionate, during my middle school eighth grade year, I unknowingly found what I’m heavily passionate about…. I FOUND VIDEOGRAPHY!

The story begins at the end of March of 2010, I opened up a YouTube channel, thinking I was going to use it to just comment on popular YouTubers’ videos, but instead, I was searching through the account settings and I found a personalized “email address” associated with my channel that I could send my recorded videos to from my old flip phone thus uploading them to my channel, and from there, I found something that I grew to love and have a passion for.

After discovering this, I posted a video from my phone of Tyler and I in my mom’s car reviewing a movie we saw the theatre.  One week later, my friend Katie gave me her brother’s unused webcam for my birthday and ever since then, I fell in love with the idea of making videos and telling stories.  I self-taught the basics of editing with Windows Movie Maker for a few years, then I self-taught in iMovie in 2013, then made the jump to Premiere Pro around my senior year of high school thanks to mentors and teachers.  As I’ve learned and grown and began producing projects in and out of the classroom, my levels of expertise include commercial/advertising producer, content producer, director, screenwriter, editor, 2-D/Flash animation, graphic design, as well as motion graphic production.

While I was in college, I was fortunate enough to take up incredible part-time and freelance opportunities in the field that I was studying.  I got the chance to be behind the camera at Wichita State University baseball, basketball, and volleyball through partnership with Intake Studios.  I was given the role of Production Director at MWE Pro-Wrestling out in Mt. Hope, KS for live wrestling events where I lead a team of camera operators as well as directing and editing their full-length shows in post-production.  Also, I was an Associate Media Producer for Ardmore, OK-based wrestling promotion, World Class Revolution Pro Wrestling, where I was primarily a ringside or stationary camera op along with being a vignette producer and director for backstage segments.

After eight years of volunteering, interning, working part-time and taking up numerous exciting freelance projects, I accepted a full-time job position at the TEGNA-owned FOX West Texas television station in San Angelo, TX as Creative Producer & Editor in August 2018.  In this role, I meet with our sales executives as well as our clients to discuss creative planning for their commercials, and then from there, the “hats” I wear include writer, producer, director, editor, and on rare occasions I’ll take on a role of being an actor.

Projects I’m proud to have worked throughout my career include “Fishdad” (Animated Short, Digital; Independent), “Deer Season” (Commercial Series, TV), “Test Drive Tuesday” (Mini-Series, TV & Digital), “On the Square (Evridge’s Furniture)” (Commercial Series, TV), “World Class Revolution Wrestling” (Sports-Entertainment Production, Digital), “Lisa and the Leggos” (Animated Short, Digital; Independent) and “Mental Health Awareness Month” (Campaign, TV).  Projects that are currently being developed, as of April 2021, include “Natalia Diaries” (Web Short, Digital; Independent) and “Prodinsky” (Feature; Independent).

Whether I’m producing content for my personal YouTube channel, for businesses and clients, for online or television distribution, everything I produce and design is created with heart and passion.

Now on a personal level….my name is Clark Tolleson and I am a young man who loves telling stories and producing content (as you may know by now!), and I also love watching and staying up to date with the world of professional wrestling, I play a little too much GTA San Andreas, I get along with almost everybody I interact with, and I heavily advocate the art of meme sharing!

Clark and Brodad, a character of Clark’s defunct animated series “Fishdad”, on the campus of Butler CC.



Working up in the “birds nest” at Charles Koch Arena during Wichita State mens basketball, 2016.
Clark and his brother Tyler at Kauffman Stadium, KCMO in June 2017 with the Statue of ROYALty.


Clark in December 2005 with the new “Tribute to Eddie Guerrero” T-shirt and a plastic WWE Tag Team Championship belt.
2018 Christmas Family Selfie.  Dad makes his family selfie debut via Photoshop.

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